Wiltshire contains a hugely diverse range of businesses and inevitably each will have their vulnerabilities. Taking steps to protect your business, large or small, from threats such as unauthorised access, theft and vandalism not only benefits your business but also helps contribute to the overall safety of Wiltshire.

Over 50% of small and medium-sized businesses have faced some form of physical crime and in the last two years rural crime has increased in Wiltshire. Solutions such as access control, surveillance systems and security personnel can provide effective deterrents against security risks. 

  • Access Control: One of the main threats to a business is unauthorised access. Breaches in security can result in theft, vandalism or even threaten the security of employees. Technologies such as key cards, biometric scanners, or PIN pads at entry points provide a way of managing access into and within your premises. Visitor management procedures such as sign-in-out logs and visitor badges offer another avenue to mitigate unauthorised access.
  • Surveillance systems: CCTV and motion sensors can provide a strong deterrent against crime and unauthorised access whilst additionally providing evidence in case of incidents. An assessment of your premises can help determine strategic locations both internally and externally. These CCTV systems can be partnered with 24h monitoring capabilities to allow security personnel to observe your premises in real time. 
  • Security lighting: Effective lighting, much like CCTV, can provide an excellent deterrent against criminals, particularly when targeting vulnerable spots such as the exterior, parking areas, entrances and dark corners. Motion-activated lights offer a balance between conserving energy and delivering effective illumination when required. 
  • Perimeter security: Your perimeter is your first line of defense against unauthorised access and trespassing. Installing locks, gates, fences or barriers can help secure your perimeter. Vehicle barriers such as bollards and manned or unmanned security gates can also control vehicle access. 
  • Security personnel: Hiring security personnel can enhance your security measures, providing a physical presence to deter crime and well as providing on-the-ground monitoring of your facility with internal and external patrols. Security personnel can conduct ID checks for employees and visitors as well as monitor surveillance systems and alarm alerts.

With so many security options available it can be difficult to know what is right for you and your business. We offer a free, no obligation, on-site risk assessment and security report to help you understand your areas of vulnerability and offer solutions to give you peace of mind and protect your business. Get in touch today