For thousands of business owners the thought of getting out of bed after working a 14 hour day is about as much fun as listening to the Chicken dance on repeat. So imagine being woken up at 1 am, 2 am or 3am… the reason? The security alarm you have installedin your office is going offand you have to respond to it.

So what do you do? Spring out of bed, swap your slippers for trainers and head fearlessly through the darkto discover what has woken you up at this ungodly hour.. Uh probably not.. You’re more than likely to jump with fright as your phone rings and scowl at the thought of leaving your warm and comfy bed (even if your partner has pinched the duvet) Well fear not, I have the simple answer. Don’t get up, in fact don’t even let your phone ring, let someone else deal with it, after all isn’t that what CEO’s and MD’s love doing… delegating?

So for a good night’s sleep call 01249 247 170 or email [email protected]and let us deal with it. After all, who doesn’t love a lie in?