When we meet with business owners and ask them if they have security at their premises many of them reply “No, we don’t need any”.

One of the challenges we face in our role as security service providers is getting businesses to analyse their security risks. No one wants to think about their premises becoming a target for theft, fire, or a break-in, but the truth is those businesses that don’t carry out Risk Assessments are at greater risk of being targeted.

The cost of living crisis has resulted in a sharp spike in the rates of theft from retailers and other businesses. More businesses are seeking to ensure that their premises are as secure as possible.

British Retail Consortium (BRC) revealed new research showing that in 2023 retail theft increased by an average of 27% across ten of the largest cities in the UK.

The job of Security Watch Risk Assessment is to identify potential security vulnerabilities and make recommendations on how to mitigate or eliminate them. As a business owner, manager, or head teacher you can then ensure you implement the advice to ensure you keep your staff safe and your business productive. Risk Assessments also create awareness of hazards and are an integral part of a good occupational Health and Safety Management Plan.

You may feel that security improvements will be very costly and time-consuming. That is often not the case and our role at Security Watch is to both identify risks and also take the pain away from the implementation of security recommendations. We offer a FREE Risk Assessment for all new customers, if you’re interested please get in touch.

Security recommendations take many forms, here are 5 simple steps you can take to improve your workplace security.

> Make visitors sign in and out on a visitors book – keeping track of visitors is important for Health and Safety and also in case of a Fire and for Personal Security.
> Keep master keys and copies in a safe in a lockable office –  of the Top 10 items lost keys are number one!
> Have every member of staff follow strict access control procedures – to avoid unwanted visitors.
> Empty rubbish bins on a regular basis – to avoid fires being started from a bin.
> Don’t work late or alone- business owners have a duty of care to keep employees safe at all times. Implement a buddy system if you know you need staff to stay on.

It’s very good to know that Wiltshire is one of the safest places to live in the UK, however, crime still exists in our area and we need to be mindful of security and safety vulnerabilities. Whether your business is big or small we’ll leave you with one additional thought… employees who are happy and feel safe work 12% harder!