I met a woman yesterday who told me that people buy from people and everyone has a story. It got me thinking so I decided I would tell the story of Security Watch so far…

In 2003, Eddy Lawrence relocated from Hertfordshire to Chippenham Wiltshire. Eddy has spent 25 years working in Insolvency but decided that he wanted to work in Security after becoming more involved with the industry.

Since moving into Security, he has worked for the likes of Esso, Marks and Spencer and Moulton Bikes to name a few. It hasn’t all been plain sailing though as Eddy had to double up his office space as accommodation and spent several months living and working from his office.

It was a small sacrifice to make and has meant that the small business has grown strong foundations that have contributed to its success.

In 2014, Eddy employed me as Business Development Manager and my sole purpose was to gain new clients and to grow the business. I quickly became aware that our first challenge was to grow the brand and tell everyone I met that there was a local security company in operation.

First we re-branded the logo and have spent months designing a new website with the creative geniuses known as Resolution design, Devizes. We believe we have now set ourselves apart from our competitors and the brand sees us take a positive approach to Security

“Security is not only a necessity, it’s an investment that ensures a duty of care to employees and visitors”

We upgraded our membership with Inspire by Wessex Chambers and began attending networking events, drop in sessions and are getting to know all sized businesses within Wiltshire.

Our client base has grown impressively in the last year and we have been able to employ new Security Guards to cope with the increasing demand. We are being referred for new jobs and our current clients in which we have 100% retention; are providing us with wonderful testimonials for our Marketing material. Our ‘Event’ service has been launched, our office has gained a new Account Manager, the lovely Sharon and we have outgrown one office and just opened a second in Kington Langley.

It has been a year of hard work, long hours, and lots of creative energy. We are proud to be a small and successful business and we are thankful to everyone who is and has been involved in its growth in the last year.

To show our appreciation to everyone who has supported us we will be hosting an event in our newly opened second office, in Kington Langley at the end of February. We would love it if you could join us so keep an eye on LinkedIn and Twitter for more details.