During a Sales Training Session a couple of weeks ago, a few of the attendees began talking about Quality vs Cost. A well-known IT Support company were talking about the struggle that occurred when closing a deal with their customers. If they reduce the cost, ultimately they are reducing their service.

So it got me thinking… it’s easier to sell a product because it has tangible features, however when it comes to selling services it’s much more difficult to showcase. All the seller has is words and their skill when communicating to the buyer. Working in the B2B environment, there are more stringent and unwritten rules when it comes to sales, some experts advise you to ‘lead with the price and then explain the benefits’ and others say ‘lead with benefits so the buyer knows the price is justified’ However, there is continuous pressure with services to be low cost whilst increasing their efficiency.

Sound advice given, but in addition there is a need to improve the value of the service in order to enhance customer experience and hook the deal. So what do you, as a seller, focus on? If you focus too strongly on the cost side, the inevitable consequence is degradation of the service. Whereas having the mind set where quality is key, allows the marketplace to dictate who wins and who loses.

Customer expectations are high and requirements need to be met. If a customer asks for a reduction and price, I would agree politely and reply with ‘what part of the service would you like to remove’ Ultimately the customers see’s the value in the service and can make their own decision on what is more important to them… in our case a security guard that protects a premises vs one that falls asleep in his van.