In short, an article recently published by Yale ( August 3rd) shows the Police force are moving away from attending �traditional� offences such as Burglary and focusing more on cyber crime.

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�Prevention is key� says Dave Herbert, Head of Marketing for Yale UK.

There are many way that businesses and home owners can prevent crime without spending a small fortune.

  • Lock all your windows and doors when you leave the premises
  • Don�t post photo�s or updates about going on holiday- it not only encourages burglars but invalidates your home insurance if you get broken into
  • Leave a light on in the house and close the curtains if you go out at night
  • Get a dog! Man�s best friend and a great deterrent for thieves!
  • Install a CCTV camera on parts of your building that are concealed by hedges or trees
  • Use Anti-Climb paint on walls and gates.

Security Watch are advocates that security isn�t just a necessity it�s an investment and physical security whether it may be the use of CCTV or controlled access to stop intruders should be installed as soon as you open your doors.

A recent survey ran by ADT discovered that 75% of companies (out of 500) did not have necessary security in place until after a crime had been committed. And a massive 51% of small � medium business in the UK have been targeted by crime costing �25million- �2,625 on average making for every crime!

Now with a massive 25% reduction in police resources over the past four years, with further cuts announced in the recent budget means that Physical Security companies are now more important than ever before.

Don�t wait until your data gets stolen and your customers go elsewhere, or your office gets broken into and your most valuable members of staff hand in their notice because they no longer feel safe at work.

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