Key Holding and Alarm Response Service available 24/7, 365 days a year

Security Officers and dedicated staff work hard to implement a rapid response in the event of an Alarm Activation. As Key Holders for most of our customers we can enter your  premises and carry out an internal perimeter check.  Your employees benefit from knowing they won’t be called out to a potentially dangerous situation in the middle of the night and as a business owner you can be reassured that everything is being taken care of.

In 8 out of 10 cases we don’t have to inform the Police which means they can get on with emergencies and our clients don’t have to fill out a Police Report.


Businesses with a security system installed with a security service receive some of the best discounts on their insurance, anything from 5-20%

What happens if there is a false alarm at my premises?

Professionally trained and fully equipped Security Officers will arrive promptly at your premises. They will have already received a call from the Monitoring Station advising them if the activation is due to a break in or another source. When the Guard arrives, they carry out a full outdoor and indoor perimeter check, looking for the source of the activation. A report is sent back to our main office using our advanced SMART task systems and we will only contact the client in cases of an emergency.

What happens if there is a break in?

We call the Police. Security Watch Guards do not carry handcuffs and do not deal with intruders through the use of force or restraint. If your alarm has been activated due to a genuine break in, we will alert the Police, arrive on site and then call the client. A police presence is not always necessary but when it is, we collaborate fully with the local authorities to ensure intruders are apprehended as quickly as possible. .

  • Security Watch carry out our Key Holding and Alarm Response services for Notton House School. Before this the school relied on staff to attend site for alarm activations. I have worked closely with Security Watch setting this up and they have been very accommodating and understanding to the needs of our site. By using Security Watch we are no longer putting our staff at risk.

    Sam Hembury, Estate Development and Site Safety Manager, Notton House School

Client benefits

  • Staff aren’t exposed to dangerous environments
  • Instant response in the event of an emergency
  • Internal and External patrols are carried out
  • Reduces the strain on the Wiltshire Police

We offer a FREE, no obligation, on-site Risk Assessment
& Security Report

  • Highlight areas of vulnerability
  • Identify areas at risk of a security breach
  • Create a report outlining the findings
  • Recommendations to resolve and prevent