Mobile Patrols to safeguard your business

Our Mobile Security Patrol Service is a day or night-time surveillance service consisting of internal and external patrols of a client’s premises. All of our patrols are carried out by SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licensed Officers in fully liveried vehicles. Using our easy quoting system and Smart Task Technology we are able to set up a new customer’s Mobile Patrol the same day they request it and respond quickly to the needs of our customers’ business.

Mobile patrols are carried out at random intervals to ensure maximum deterrent for would-be intruders and when accompanied by our security warning boards implement an ideal solution to small business security requirements.

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of small and medium businesses in the UK have been targeted by crime costing £25million - £2,625 for every crime

  • Random Patrols

    Random Patrols

    Security Officers carry out patrols at random intervals ensuring your business is less desirable for intruders and safer for your employees and visitors.

  • Internal Inspectors

    Internal Inspectors

    As acting Key Holders we can provide internal patrols, checking communal areas, offices and public foyers, ensuring extra protection for your assets.

  • Perimeter checks

    Perimeter checks

    External perimeter checks are carried out ensuring any vulnerable areas aren’t missed. Smart Task Technology gives clients a clear, accurate view of our activity, reducing the amount of time spent collecting performance reports.

  • Eddy and his team have been operating a Mobile Patrol Service for Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD) for over two years now. The team have proven to be efficient and forward thinking when dealing with our Security needs and always take care to ensure our assets are protected and secure

    Tony Best, Director, Anthony Best Dynamics

Client benefits

  • A marked presence out of hours
  • A deterrent for opportunistic thieves
  • Can potentially reduce Business Insurance
  • Your people are safe and your business remains productive

We offer a FREE, no obligation, on-site Risk Assessment
& Security Report

  • Highlight areas of vulnerability
  • Identify areas at risk of a security breach
  • Create a report outlining the findings
  • Recommendations to resolve and prevent