Good security for pupils and staff is a critical consideration for all schools, but with tight budgets many head teachers, IT managers and governors need to ensure that they take measures that are both highly effective and affordable.

In this post, we offer 5 steps that all schools can take to protect staff, pupils and property and improve overall safety.

5 steps to improve school security

> External CCTV: Monitoring playgrounds and car parks
> Internal CCTV: Monitoring classrooms and corridors
> Manned guarding – constant security presence
> Mobile patrols – patrolling the school
> keyholding and alarm response

External CCTV for schools

External CCTV systems are an essential security tool for schools, they are an excellent deterrent to poor behavior such as fighting or minor vandalism they also deter and record criminal activity such as break-ins, theft, and drug dealing.

CCTV systems can also monitor the school’s car parks for incidents of vandalism. If a vandal damages a teacher’s or visitor’s vehicle, the security cameras will record the activity as valuable proof.

At Security Watch we can help with external CCTV installation and CCTV monitoring.

Internal school CCTV

In recent years internal CCTV has become more widely used. Incidents of teachers being attacked and sexual and other forms of insults are more common. Sadly incidents of bullying and pupils fighting are still common in many schools.

Well-placed, internal school CCTV systems can help to deter and record such incidents, helping to improve the safety inside the school. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about internal CCTV installation and monitoring.

Manned guarding in schools

Sometimes CCTV and good security processes are not enough to tackle more serious security issues. In these situations, the provision of manned guarding can be a lifesaver for schools.

The provision of 24-hour Security Officers that can Lock/Unlock your office, monitor CCTV, and monitor staff, and pupils in and out of the premises. Manned Guarding service prevents Criminal Damage and Anti-Social Behaviour.

School mobile patrols

You may find that your school is being targeted by criminals and poor behaviour outside of school hours. Fully trained Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed guards provide internal and/or external mobile patrols of your school, carried out at random intervals. This service is a major deterrent for intruders and can restore the normal functioning of school safety processes.

Keyholding and alarm response in schools

All schools need a good alarm system that is regularly maintained. It is also very helpful to employ a professional team to provide rapid response in the event of an alarm activation. Combined with Key Holding allows the team to enter the school and carry out a perimeter check within a short time, without the need to contact the Police.

We hope this short guide is useful. If you have any questions about the security of your school please get in touch, we’re very happy to share our knowledge and offer useful, practical advice on how to improve safety and security.